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Pod Working/ Living

WFH is the hottest acronym on social media for a good reason -- Working from Home is a concept that has come of age. Most recently, Twitter has offered all its employees the opportunity to work from home permanently.

The changes to our working lives in the current crisis are seismic and some of them are here to stay.  

Companies which have dabbled with homeworking in the past now feel more committed to its use in the future. More recent converts to homeworking are now convinced that it is here to stay -- certainly for the foreseeable future.

But many professionals working from home will have discovered that a well-organised and interruption-free working zone is essential. Toddlers gate-crashing a Zoom conference might make great Tik-Tok viewing but are unlikely to instil confidence in both clients and colleagues.

And, if time is money, why waste it searching through papers and trying to fix dodgy connections?

The good news is that an affordable solution providing an atmosphere of calm professionalism and efficiency is at hand with The Podfather’s advice.

The Podfather began his involvement with SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) design and delivery several years ago at the behest of professional clients.

He said, “The trend is obvious, and we are dealing with a growing number of enquiries. We can also help to organise and install / implement all the expected and reliable technologies in these bespoke, highly functional, stylish and eco-friendly affordable log-built home offices / pods.”

He added, “The range of structures recommended is superior in every way and there is a good reason for this. Firstly, the timber is winter cut pine predominantly (spruce and larch are also used), which is not just tight grained but is also an excellent timber for accepting wood stain. All our recommended cabins / pods are manufactured from particularly good timber and then cut to an appropriate thickness (e.g. from 44mm to 200mm) of wall log. Every single log is handpicked, every single part of the cabin, be it the 28mm floorboard or the 19mm roof boards, bearers, wall boards, windows, and doors are checked to make sure that they are perfect in every way.” In Scotland it is particularly important that the floors, roofs (and often walls) are insulated. Roof pitches and overhangs are important too – as are the log profiles to deal with wind and rain.

He explained: “We look to help to deliver and install home offices and staycationing structures across Scotland. Most of these log cabins and other structures (e.g. pods) are all under 2.5m high, which normally means you do not have to apply for planning permission (e.g. “outbuildings” - classed as “permitted developments”). However, it is best you check with your local council. Much of the time you can build without planning, under 30 square metres and under 2.5 metres high.” Clearly the use of the structure determines what permission(s) you need to have.

“What really does make The Podfather’s Recommended Range of log cabins and pods so special? It could possibly be because we ensure the precision manufacture of log cabins / pods, or that they come with 28mm flooring as standard. or that the designs are possibly the most sought after in the UK, also Deluxe Cabins / Pods come standard with superb quality residential standard windows and doors, which are the best in the industry. By its very nature everything we recommend and oversee is bespoke but without the expensive price tag.”

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